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David Smyth is an acupuncturist and energy worker treating people from The Forest of Dean, Gloucester, Cheltenham and Monmouth. He qualified in acupuncture in 1987 with a Lic Ac from Leamington, and became a Touch for Health Instructor in 1988. He then went on to further Traditional Chinese Medicine studies at London and Nanjing (China). He pioneered his own energy therapy called Reharmonising in 1988 which has since led to a self healing therapy called Unwinding which he practices in The Forest of Dean and Gloucester. He has also re-discovered a previously lost healing system called "toe twisting"

Acupuncture (Traditional Chinese)

David with patient

Fine, disposable needles are inserted and left in place for 20 to 30 minutes. Mostly, you do not feel the insertion, but you should feel sensation when the needle contacts the energy flowing just below the surface. This can feel warm, spreading, or a slight jerk. It then passes and the most common sensation is peacefulness.

He uses patents (ready made pills made of compressed herbs) to assist the healing process.

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Reharmonising (RH)

Aura balance RH is a simple, gentle yet effective way of healing that came out of David's knowledge of Kinesiology. Since David discovered it, he and others have refined and improved it over the years. The Association of Light Touch Therapists (ALTT) has now accepted it as a therapy in its own right, which is in turn under the auspices of the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA).

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RH works by enabling the body to "see" what is happening inside itself. When our bodies lose the ability to judge what is going wrong, they cannot even start to put matters right. How can we heal something we don't even know is mal-functioning? RH shows our inner selves what is going on, which can then start the automatic process of putting it right.

We do this by "melting" the energy - the practitioner places a hand on or near the patient, and the two people's energies naturally communicate. To the patient this feels very calming and soothing; to the practitioner it feels gently swirling or fluid. When the energy becomes liquid, the patient's inner self can identify blocks or problems more easily. Once identified, it is much more possible to correct - quite naturally and effortlessly.

People from many different therapeutic backgrounds have learnt RH. The deepest forms of energy are very similar from one person to another, of course, but we can access them differently. RH helps people with their own therapies in many ways - they become more attuned to energy, for example.


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Is a simple technique that can be done by the patient her/himself for self healing. It is easy to learn, and is the basis for a comprehensive healing process. You unwind your own energy blocks; the energy you are connected to (the energy of the room or your surroundings); the energy coming into that area (for instance the sun); then the energy of the ground. You then arrive at a place in which you are perfectly at balance with yourself and your surroundings.

You can use it for five minutes to calm yourself, sort out your thoughts, or half an hour to soothe aches or pains; or up to two hours to integrate yourself fully with your surroundings.

This last means you can tune into the energy surrounding you. This might be your sitting room, your place of work, the forest, a ley-line, a standing stone circle or ancient chapel. Unwind the energy of the place and harmonise with it.

Chris Unwinding

This picture shows Chris unwinding a very special place in the Isle of Islay. David discovered it by following leylines (energy lines) from Kildalton standing stone circle, in the valley behind her, up to the cleared area at the top of the hill. From here, still following the energy traces, he found links to two other sites of standing stones, and one stone hitherto undiscovered.

For more information go to UNWINDING.

Toe Twisting

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In the 1930's a GP in Canada - Dr Mahlon Locke - discovered that he could cure flat feet, and in the process, many other conditions. He did this by gently 'twisting' people's feet, gradually teaching himself the process over about two years. At his peak, he treated up to 2,000 people per week with it. He eradicated arthritis from his local town, and many other illnesses improved seemingly inexplicably. When he died the technique died with him because he had not taught it to anyone, although many people tried.

David recently re-discovered the secret (all at least, his own version of it) through muscle testing. In August 2008 he surrogate tested the Doctor's son and grandson, thereby making a connection with the Doctor's technique. This enabled him to understand a little of what the Doctor was doing, and then the process could be modernised with David's own healing specialities.