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Instructions for KEFIR

Kefir grains - the best probiotic All about kefir with more links


When you are not using your kefir, keep it in the 'fridge with water and lots of sugar, change or refresh 1 or 2 times a week.

How to make your Kefir drink/Milk Shake/Smoothie

1. Remove jar/jug from fridge.

2. Pour contents into a plastic sieve, wash with fresh water.

add kefir3. Put ALL of the Kefir into a glass or pot jug.

add soya4. Pour small carton of unsweetened Soya Milk onto Kefir and add 1 or 2 teaspoons of sugar. (You may be able to use fructose if you prefer).

5. Stir with wooden spoon to mix, then leave lightly covered with a tea towel or lace jug cover with beads until the contents look as if they are thickening and the Kefir has risen to the top with cracks on the surface. This takes a few hours (4 to 24) at room temperature. It's usually a good idea to prepare the Kefir last thing at night, then it's ready first thing in the morning. The longer you leave it the more acidic it becomes but it is still perfectly palatable.

strain kefir6. When it is ready for use, give it a good stir with a wooden spoon then strain through a plastic sieve. Scrape the sieve with the spoon to extract the maximum.

7. You can drink it as it is, or add vanilla essence to taste or liquidise with a banana or other fruit of your choice to make a smoothie, or add fruit juice now. You don't eat any of the solids unless you want to, just drink the liquid. Put all the solids in to ferment each time, and strain all of them out each time.

8. It is an idea to keep a container of (vanilla sweetener) in your cupboard and this can be done by keeping your sugar (or fructose) in a sealed canister with a vanilla pod. They keep for about a year because they are dried and come from the orchid flower. Just keep replacing with new sugar as and when required. It is also a lovely way to bake when using vanilla sugar for non-savoury recipes!!

9. ENJOY one small glass every day for 20 days, rest for 10.

add juice


Add the fruit juice (not an acid one - peach is good) at the same time as the soya milk

How to store Kefir in the fridge when letting it rest (10 days a month)

1. Keep in jar or jug without lid (it bubbles).

2. Fill with cold tap water

3. Put 1 dessert spoon of ordinary sugar in jar/jug

4. Only stir with a wooden spoon

5. No metal contact at all!

6. Repeat every 4-7 days.

Dom's website on Kefir

Basal Body Temperature Chart (To check fertility)

Excel file Opens two temperature charts. Click on it to open the chart in Excel.

Food Combining Chart

Food combining chart Opens a map for easy food combining, general nutrition rules, plus a list of which foods are high or low in starches