Dawn over Jura


Dave on leg RH workshop

How it all started

RH started in 1989. David was a Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and an acupuncture practitioner. He had also learnt Health Kinesiology and some Aikido and Qi Gong. With Kinesiology, one 'talks' to the body and asks it questions such as "Is this food good or bad for you?" Then one can ask what to do about it. Not to eat the food is obvious, but to strengthen the body's reaction to it is much better. It is at this point that things get really interesting as the body teaches the practitioner new techniques.

It was during one such session that David was taught (by his patients' bodies) a completely new - to himself at least - process. This involved the programming of crystals with 'bad' energy in one location on the body and replacing them in another position while holding various acupuncture points. One useful aspect of Kinesiology is that for every treatment you give you receive a treatment yourself. In this case, his ability to sense energy was being strengthened.

This went on for a year, during which time he found other interested practitioners who helped develop the new technique. Then one day he was instructed by the body to put the crystal away, put his hand on the patient's stomach, and wait. He did so, and that was the first time he felt the energy move inside another human's body. Three months later he was seeing this energy.

What it feels like

If you want to know what it feels like to touch this energy, sit down and rest your elbows on your knees or a desk. Rest your face in your hands, one hand either side. Slowly rock a few inches to the left. The left hand is now exerting pressure upwards, and the right downwards. You can feel this in two places - your fingers and your cheeks. If you concentrate on both in turn you can separate the two sensations, even though they are part of the same force. Now if you slowly move your head an inch or so, the sensations change.

Energy swirls and flows. This may be felt in the hands and fingers - or in your own body, for example in your leg if you are working on the patient's leg. It may feel like a slow, gentle current in water, or like a helter-skelter. It is possible to stand a few feet away from the patient and allow your own body to be turned in the vortexes coming to you, then to find the point of balance, so stilling them. This feels like an internal wind, blowing you around.

Cancer and toxin - laden energy feel different. This usually buzzes. I liken it to someone having just hit the ends of your fingers with a hammer - they sing and go a bit numb. The more toxic the energy, the more fingers join in, and the stronger the buzz.